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Below you will find the space I currently use, my home, which I conceived of as a healing space. One of the many hands-on treatment approaches I use,, here mobilizing the first rib. Then below, you will find ultrasound and kinesiotaping for a painful wrist.

Services: Photo Gallery

Services: Services

You Might Benefit if You Have:

Chronic pain
Headaches, Migraines, TMJ
Neck/Shoulder pain 
Nerve entrapment such as Carpal Tunnel 
Tendinitis such as Tennis Elbow
Arthritis, Fibromyalgia
Home accessibility concerns 
Work place ergonomic challenges
Cognitive/safety concerns

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An In-person Session Might Include:

Myofascial Release (Barnes)
Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger) 
Somato Emotional aka Fascial Unwinding 
Expressive processes: art, movement, sound 
Feldenkrais, Alexander w/Gestalt Dialogue
Sound healing (Tom Kenyon trained) 
Shiatzu: (Ohashi, Matsunanga)
Stretching & therapeutic exercises 
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Modalities: ultrasound and red light therapy
Positional Release
Home accessibility, safety recommendations


An Online or Phone Session Might Include:

Reflective listening to clarify your soul's desires
Body-Centered Therapy, Gestalt Dialogue
Expressive Processes
Sound Healing
Lifestyle Inventory, Goal-Setting, Problem Solving
Relaxation and Mindfulness Training
Creativity coaching
Communication Skills, Assertiveness Training
Accessing your inner wisdom and allies


Top Questions About a Treatment


Services: FAQ

If I come to your office for a painful condition, what would the initial session look like?

I typically like to get familiar with what's working and what's not working in your life. I obtain an overall history of your health and the history of your present concern. I like to understand what worsens or improves your symptoms. I would do a  postural analysis to get an overall picture of what patterns of fascial restrictions you carry. I may then either use a modality or invite you to lie on the treatment table for an individually tailored bodywork treatment. 

During the bodywork session, I tune into what is needed to best support your inner healer. After this, I might have you rest, stretch or do a few simple exercises to reinforce the work we did.

Would you describe your therapeutic modalities, treatments and tools? 

Ultrasound utilizes sonic waves. It can be used for a deep heating the muscle tissue prior to trigger point release work or at a puklsed setting to decrease swelling and inflammation.

Red Light Therapy: Tendlite: uses low level laser wavelengths through the skin to jump-start the process of tissue recovery and other forms of rejuvenation through increased blood flow and collagen stimulation. It is FDA-approved for treating conditions like chronic joint pain.

KInesiotape is a stretchy tape that is used to decrease or enhance muscle tone, support a weak joint or decrease swelling (edema).

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization uses an instrument to break up fascial adhesions or scar tissue. therefore remodeling the unorganized collagen fiber. It is especially useful for those with limited. painful movements or chronic inflammation

Kanza wand is an Ayurvedic domed tool made of Kansa, a sacred bronze recognized in India as a healing metal. The smooth metal heats up as it is massaged into the skin. Ayurvedic practitioners have used it for centuries to relieve stress, enhance health, and increase energy 

How would you describe your bodywork?

Since I started doing hands-on healing work'86, I have been inspired to deepen in and learn a rich variety so I have more tools to offer my client. As a result, I often end up blending them, using them improvisationally. Each client asks something very different  from me and no two sessions will ever look alike.

Shiatsu is a system that uses finger point pressure to balance the energy in the meridians.

Alexander and Feldenkrais massage table work are body re-education approaches that free your body from habitual ways of moving.

Craniosacral Therapy CST via the Upledger Institute. uses the craniosacral rhythm as its starting point to address restrictions throughout the whole system. It's focus is on releasing restrictions which dampen the cranial rhythm. As a healthy craniosacral rhythm is restored, health returns to the whole system.

Myofascail Release or MFR via John Barnes addresses postural irregularities aka fascial restrictions which can affect the whole body with unusual and painful symptoms. I consider CST and MFR to be mutually compatible approached on the same continuum. Utilizing these these two approaches seamlessly might involve me moving from a very light touch to deeper soft tissue releases. Some liken MFR to a gentle sort of Rolfing. 

Positional Release and Traditional Trigger Point Release: Both of these address approaches address Trigger Points. The first is Indirect, the second is direct and each concern will be addressed as to which strategy is best.Trigger Points are sensitive, tight nodules within the muscle which can themselves be painful and also cause referred pain in another part of the body.. A Positional Release re-sets the tension of the muscle fiber itself as the muscle sends a signal to the brain to decrease the muscle contraction. 

What is common in all bodywork sessions is that first and foremost I am grounded, open and relaxed in my body-mind before touching you and throughout the treatment. My job is to approach you with no agenda so that my listening hands can truly be in service to your Inner Physician.

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