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My Experience and Training

I have been an Occupational Therapist since 1986, working in both physical rehabilitation and in psychosocial settings,  

In rehab settings, I addressed any deficit that limited a person's full engagement with their desired daily activities, whether it be personal self care or work related. 

I developed specialties in: chronic pain, upper extremity tendinitis and nerve entrapment disorders, post fracture/post surgical challenges, home accessibility recommendations, fall prevention, Tai Chi for Arthritis, and functional cognitive assessments to determine safety at home. 

Through my work experience in psychosocial settings, I developed expertise in: Rubenfeld Synergy, a body-centered therapy which accesses one’s inner wisdom and allies, goal setting and problem solving, stress management, Mindfulness and the use of expressive processes such as movement, singing and art to connect more deeply with one’s inner voice.

I welcome working with clients who hear the calling, “If not now, when?”

Bio: Mission

About Me

My life as an artist and as a healer are seamlessly woven together -one nourishes the other.
In the last decade, I would also have to describe myself as an explorer, world traveler and international service volunteer.

Bio: Mission
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