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"Denise's skill as a body-worker is as nuanced and finely tuned as that of a surgeon or a master violinist. Her touch creates wave after wave of bliss even as it serves to reconstruct and heal. She is the only body-worker who has ever effectively healed and relieved my 
back pain. Do not miss this sublime experience.


"I had been suffering from neck pain and restricted movement when my doctor referred me to Denise Gallagher. Not only did she fix the neck pain she determined the cause and fixed that. My shoulder muscles had been rock hard for decades.They'd forgotten how to relax. Denise showed me a trigger point that would release that tension. I do it daily and it is miraculous. I feel better but most important, I sleep better. In retrospect, I also think that it released the horrors of a war-time childhood witnessing unspeakable horrors. Her work really did free me from that."

What happens with Denise?

It's not that easy to capture. 

I went in without a specific issue; just a sense that things could be better...

and a well-founded sense that this lady knows how to go deep.

I wasn't disappointed. Somehow she seems to sense where to touch, how to move. Almost like the streams mold the land over centuries ... just a gentle move from here to there ... some elements become more inter-connected; some are released. Circling round and round, touching, lifting, pressing, holding. And like music too. a few very quiet notes, a phrase that leads the attention easily

into a nearby range; now and then something almost dramatic. And then back to stillness. Denise holds the baton, somehow senses what notes each tissue yearns to play. Calls that forth. Something a little dramatic - that's interesting! And ... back into the flow.

The conscious audience is left silent as the conductress steps back.

I left in a very welcome state; delightful to recall.


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