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 Denise Gallagher Healer Artist

Welcome to my website which holds information about both Portal Therapeutics, my private practice. and Denisearthealer, my healing imagery. Under the first three headers you will find out about my work.

Under the Photo header, you will find some of my images and links to where they can be printed on canvas, metal, cell phone cases, scarves, wall hangings and more.  

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Portal Therapeutics:

Treating the Whole Person

Addressing the range of health challenges that impact your full expression


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My training includes a variety of approaches that address the physical, emotional and psychological dimensions which impact radiant health.


Through professional and personal experience, I have come to know that health is multi-dimensional, so my approach tends to be multi-faceted.


Occupational Therapy addresses the whole person with the underlying belief that we are motivated toward the full expression of ourselves in every task or occupation.

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